Gum Disease

One in every eight adults develops gum disease that eventually leads to tooth loss. The most shocking bit of this news is that gum disease is generally painless and usually presents itself in the latter stages when the teeth are shaking and loose in the mouth. The gums and jaw bone are the supporting structures of teeth. Once damaged it is very difficult to restore them to their original condition. Only a professional treatment program accompanied by improved daily oral care at home can arrest the problem and prevent it from getting worse.

Symptoms of gum disease are very silent and include;

•Gums that are swollen, tender and/ or red

•Gums that bleed easily when you bite, brush or floss

•Foul breath and a stale taste in the mouth that persists through out the day.

When gum disease strikes one should be consciously aware that the tooth support is slowly bang weakened. In advanced situations presentation of the disease could be:

• Spontaneous gum bleeding that appears with no pressure applied on the gums.

• Weak, shaking teeth that may be sensitive to either hot or cold foods

• Swollen gum pockets that produce pus on pressure application, pain maybe experienced.

Loosing teeth due to gum disease can be catastrophic as one could easily loose all the teeth necessitating dentures. This changes one's lifestyle, confidence and diet.

It is of paramount importance therefore to keep gums strong and healthy. Steps towards healthy gums include:

•Brush your teeth twice daily in an up- and- down stroke movement

•Floss between your teeth at least once every other day.

•Visit your dentist at least once a year for a professional clean up. Keep your appointments regular for proper maintenance.

•Eat more fibrous foods especially fruits high in Vitamin C and avoid rich, sugary snacks

•Remember to brush your tongue for that fresh breath!