*Braces are considered to be the most efficient and accurate way of moving teeth.

*They are usually made of stainless steel

*Clear brackets for braces are available, usually at extra cost.

Fitting Braces

Usually, there are two visits in the process of fitting braces.

It is recommended that the braces remain on the teeth for the entire duration of treatment.

After the first visit an approximate period of 1 to two months is recommended for adjustments, wire changes, Rubber Bands and Headgear

During treatment,

Patients may need to wear such items as rubber bands and/or headgear with their braces during treatment to provide important extra forces for the correction of the bite.

The approximate period for the entire treatment is usually 18 - 24 months. However, some cases may be finished earlier and others may take longer to complete. The severity level of the original malocclusion, cooperation of the patient and the type of treatment may determine the total time of treatment